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Features and Shorts

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(Sports/Biopic, 102 pages)

When eccentric writer George Plimpton sets out to write an April Fool’s Day article for Sports Illustrated magazine about a Baseball player with inhuman talents, he finds that his absurd humor and ludicrous lies may be taken more literally than he had hoped.

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George Washington Slept Here!

(Horror, 20 pages)

On a weekend getaway to a historic lodge, a young couple clashes with their history obsessed host, who may just have bigger plans for their stay.

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Never Ending

(Fantasy/Drama, 102 pages)

After decades of isolation on a desolate island, an elderly Peter Pan has his life upended by a strange new visitor, forcing him to reckon with the haunting memories of his past.

Screenwriting: Work



Blue Mustang

(Sci-Fi/Comedy, 33 pages)

Based on real conspiracy theories, this anthology series follows a lowly apprentice of the all-powerful New World Order as he navigates the day-to-day operations at one of the most sinister and cryptic places in the United States: The Denver International Airport.


The Wild Unknown

(Sci-Fi/Comedy, 35 pages)

In the wake of the Lewis and Clark expedition, two aloof explorers are sent to learn more about the New West, but soon find themselves faced with a series of strange occurrences far away from home.


Together, Again

(Sci-Fi/Comedy, 35 pages)

On the verge of a bitter divorce, an unimpressive middle-aged couple suffers a life altering accident, leading them to a discovery that will bond them for eternity.

Screenwriting: Work
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