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Stand-Up Commedia 


Francesco de Puccini is one of the most celebrated performers of our time. Now he's back for a one night only performance as he takes on the finest character he has ever attempted: himself. Along with his trusted sidekick/stagehand Elmsly, Francesco will exhibit his mastery of Commedia stock characters, using each one to tell the story of his incredible life.

Stand Up Commedia is a mixture of solo performance, stand up comedy, improv and traditional Commmedia Dell'Arte lazzi (play). Through these devices of comedic storytelling, this piece aims to explore the nature of fame in performance, and what happens once the cherished performers in our lives have taken off their masks.

Wheat Field with Cypresses

Killed by the Boys


Louis and Phillip are both living a life that seems to be stuck in a loop. Quite literally. Just having witnessed a horrible crime, the two boys must do their best to piece together the events and find the truth, so long as they can keep their own story straight. Wading through surrealist nightmares and chaotic absurdism, Killed by the Boys is a coming of age story seen through a fog of murder and magic.

Without Prospero: A Staged Reading


This show is a continuation on Shakespeare’s The Tempest, focusing on the character of Ariel just after the events of the play have concluded. Without Prospero explores power, loss, abandonment, and how we look at a servant/master relationship through the lens of traditional Shakespearean characters. 

Theater: Work
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